Utilities sector

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Source the best talent to keep your business


. Hedera provides expert hiring services cultivated through a combined 15 years of experience.

Contingency recruitment

Executive search

Brand promotion & company profile development

Salary benchmarking and market analysis


LV-400kV covering ICP / IDNO / DNO operations

From major infrastruture projects to skilled trades

Consultancy, design, project delivery

Network design, planning and field installation teams

NRSWA qualified site teams and planning / coordination teams

Network jointers and civil installation / reinstatement teams

our process

Our process is a flexible framework tailored to the needs of your business.



Set priorities for the hire by taking a detailed brief which encompasses requirements, challenges and cultural fit.

We'll agree how we’re going to source for the role, when the key delivery dates are and plan for any special requirements such as assessment centres. This gives you a committed blueprint for the hire.



It's then over to us to source and shortlist. This involves identifying approaching and engaging both passive and active candidates to ensure the entire market is covered.

We're able to search over 14,000,000 unique profiles in pursuit of the right hire. Once shortlisted, all candidates are fully briefed on the opportunity and assessed against it's needs and culture.



Having personally interviewed each of the candidates, we'll discuss each of the submissions with you so you can get to know the person behind the CV.

Once the final selections are made, we'll help coordinate the interview and offer process, making sure that everyone involved has the information they need to make informed decisions.

All feedback, good and bad, is valued as a learning experience and is shared fully with candidates.


post placement

Our job doesn’t end when the offer is accepted. We'll keep in touch with candidates throughout the induction and first few months to ensure they're fully integrated into the team as happy, motivated and productive members of the team.


Incredible results with a lasting impact on your team and business.

Avoid going back to square one

Once you've made your decision, we'll help manage the on-boarding.

Hiring with Hedera is faster, easier and more effective.


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